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Please click below for our lists of Britain's Best Architects who have, since 2000, won at least one RIBA Award for each type of building.

The criteria for inclusion in our list of Britain's Best Architects are that:

- The firm must be an RIBA Chartered Practice.
- The firm must have won at least three RIBA Awards (for any type of building) since 2000.

Arts Centres

Botanical Buildings


Car Parks

Civic Buildings

Community Centres

Conference Centres


Further Education

Healthcare Buildings



Industrial Buildings


Mixed Use Buildings

Museums & Galleries


Private Houses

Public Art & Memorials

Religious Buildings

Retail Buildings


Sports Buildings

Theatres & Concert Halls

Transport Buildings

University Buildings

Urban Design

Visitor Centres

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Britain's Best Architects listed by building type: Arts Centres, Botanical, Bridges, Car Parks, Civic Buildings, Community Centres, Conference Centres, Conservation, Further Education, Healthcare, Hotels, Housing, Industrial, Libraries, Mixed Use, Museums & Galleries, Offices, Private Houses, Public Art & Memorials, Religious, Retail, Schools, Sports, Theatres & Concert Halls, Transport, Universities, Urban Design, Visitor Centres.

Publisher: The Britain's Best Architects website is published by Extonet Ltd. It is edited by Dr Alex Reid, formerly Director General of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


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